The battery is the energy source that serves to start the car and supply the surplus energy that is required from the various equipment and systems installed in the car if the alternator cannot supply enough power.
Now that navigation and security systems, etc., are becoming increasingly important, the demands placed on the battery is also becoming increasingly stringent.
By applying the most innovative OEM technologies and adhering to the highest quality standards, Renos X-one responds perfectly to these demands.
With batteries like: Ultra, Premium 30+, EFB Start Stop, AGM Start Stop, we have the right battery for every car. But also for other applications such as heavy duty, maritime, recreation (e. g. motorhomes) you can always find the right battery!!

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We also can supply you Otoprof batteries, 6 types of quality batteries, Maintenance Free. We also have a recreation battery in our assortment.


Also for the motor we have a good quality of batteries. The JP Moto batteries are charged dry, acid packs are included.